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Disney Parks & Resorts Digital - Family & Friends

Family & Friends is one of the primary management features of My Disney Experience (MDX), the booking, reservation, and planning tool for Disney World vacations. Family & Friends allows guests to connect with other MDX account holders, create managed profiles for their children or non-account holding party members, and manage sharing settings for itineraries and photos. As an Interaction Designer, my job was to redesign and optimize the guest journey for this feature. The main flows we redesigned include:

  1. Family & Friends List
  2. Profile Pages for All Connections and Managed Guests
  3. Add Account Holding Guests
  4. Create Managed Profiles for Party Members

Family & Friends List

The list is the main landing page for the feature. Originally, the list separated Family and Friends into two separate lists, even though there was no method for users to mark someone as either. Since there was no functional purpose for this separation, we decided to divide the list in a way that would aid in trip planning. As guests added connections or managed guests to reservations, tickets, and other entitlements, the list would divide into those they have plans with and other. 

Profile Pages

A limitation with the Family & Friends redesign is that it was mostly surface level, and many of the backed services would not be updates. While there were systematic changes that could have elevated the vacation planning experience, we had to work around these limitations. Thus, one artifact from the old system were the multiple types of guests that could be connected to or managed. An account holder could connect to other account holders (Registered Guests), create a profile that they manage, often for a child (Managed Guests), Managed Guests of other Registered Guests, and Pending Invites with Registered Guests. For all the guest profile pages accessible from the list, our goal was to have a certain level of uniformity while also illuminated the differences via copy and available actions.  



Adding Connections & Creating Managed Guests

In the original version of Family & Friends, adding connections and creating managed guest profiles occurred in the same flow. Since we could not fully extricate them from each other due to back end services, our goal was to clearly lay out the three paths an account holder has from the 'Add Guest' flow.

  1. Add a Registered Guest by Their information
    1. Since we could not offer guests a service for searching for other guests unless they already had a mutual connection (see #2), we required them to enter a guest's information, such as first name, last name, birthday, and email address. From this information, MDX sends an invite to that guest to connect. Additionally, the account holder will receive confirmation that their invitation went through via the screen transitioning to their list and animating in the connection as a pending invite.
  2. Add Connections of Connections
    1. For the majority of Disney World vacations, there is a singular planner (and this one account holder) in the family. In some cases, another party member will create an account to book experiences for themselves and a small subset of the party. Such as two parents with an infant and a teenager; they will book separate experiences where one parent goes off with the teenager, and the other does something with their infant child. With this in mind, if a guest has already connected with other guests, we will show their extended connections in order for account holders to more easily connect with their entire vacation party.
  3. Create a Managed Guest
    1. Similar to #1, an account holder can enter information for a person and create a profile that tickets, reservations, and entitlements can be associated with. This is especially important for children, who cannot be account holders.