Play Disney Parks App


Play Disney Parks

This is a game app used by guests at Disney World and Disneyland Resort, especially while they have down time or are waiting in line. The features available to the guest are based on their location in the park. Guests can earn in-game and real world achievements in the app. For this project, I took on a multi-disciplinary role as an interaction designer, game designer, and animator / prototyper in order to fully support the agile practices of the team. 


Prototyping & Animation

As a visual cue heavy application, we prototyped many of the flows and interactions before passing them off to development. These animations helped us develop a common language of motion that represented the spirit of the app and the experience in the parks.

Some animations were large flows, which helped us better understand the guest journey and potential friction points in interaction. Others were microanimations, where we were exploring bits of magic to integrate into the app. 



While most of the actual game design was outsourced to game development company, we had responsibility for some simple games and features (i.e. Trivia, and Achievement Trophies). I conducted a comparative analysis of games and game specific features before we started designing them.  From this research, we were able to distill the topic into its essential components, understand what was working with gamers, and design the feature in our distincly Disney way. 


Accessibility interaction design

Many phone games are not accessible to low vision and blind users because they rely heavily on visual cues. As one of the lead accessibility designers for Parks & Resorts Digital, I was able to champion making the Play Disney Parks app moderately accessible. Gameboard, trivia, profile, and account functions were designed compatible with iOS VoiceOver. Additionally, I strategized on how to create equatable game experiences for low vision gamers.